Your Family in Pictures 


Family photography that captures the beauty of your loved ones in a way that is raw,  authentic & totally you. 


I'm Kendyl, 

 the creative eye behind the lens. I'm so excited and honored to be a part of your precious family’s story.

When I was pregnant with my eldest daughter I did a photography course and from then on I was hooked. I loved being able to capture the memories of my kids at every age and stage. Soon I will be able to page through an album with them and tell them exactly who they were with each photo, and remember all the hopes and dreams I had for them at the time. Photography, to me, is as close to a time machine as we'll ever get! 

This is exactly what I want for you - big, blown-up pictures on your walls that capture all the special personalities of your children. I want you to reminisce about the love and emotion of every detail of that time and day.

Time spent with your children is but a fleeting moment, so please allow me to etch your family’s current phase into your memory eternally. I want to capture you all, just as you are right now, so that you will never ever forget it!

I can't wait to have you infront of my camera.

Keeper of moments

What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.

- Karl lagerfeld

I am more than 

With so many talented photographers in Perth, I am honored and humbled that you considered 
me to capture these memories for you. That being said - you are probably wondering why you should choose me.

I place a lot of emphasis on making you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible, which means I get to spend a few hours with your family chatting, laughing, and getting to know each other while shooting some naturally beautiful photos in the process.

I know for some people the prospect of a family photo shoot is a daunting one, so I ensure that my shoots are as tranquil and fun as possible. As a mum myself, I have the patience and understanding that comes with knowing children won’t always cooperate and things won’t always run smoothly. That is just how family life goes! Your kids will be talking about it for the rest of the day and even Dad will admit it was quite enjoyable!

Every shoot is unique, so I work closely with you to ensure we create images that you will treasure forever. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing my clients' faces light up when they view their pictures. 

a photographer


My photography package comes in 3 parts

Signature Packages



Session Fee: 



Sunset family shoot at a location of your choice.*
Session planning & preparation

1 - 1.5 hrs shooting time.
Assistance choosing the best location for your session
Assistance with wardrobe and styling
My creative process editing and curating your gallery 

“If you don’t think photos are important, wait until they’re all you have left.” 

– Missy Mwac


choose an image collection
(this cost is ontop of your session fee)

Click a package to view the inclusions

Its A Mini

  • 30 minute session
  • Photographer recommended location
  • Packages include high resolution images for download via a personalised galley with the option to purchase more upon viewing
  • $50 deposit required upon booking








all (30+) IMAGES

This is us

  • 30 digital images provided for download via your own personalised gallery with the option to purchase more
  • 1 x 8x12 fine art Wall Print of your choice
  • Pre-purchase only 



Look at this photograph

  • All 70-100 digital images provided for download via your own personalised gallery
  • Your images in a stunning slide show set to licensed music



We are family  

  • All digital images provided for download via your own personalised gallery
  • Your images in a stunning slide show set to licensed music
  • $100 to spend in my print shop




add extra value to your package.

Extra Location

Transition from a cuddly indoor lifestyle session to a fun filled sunset session and truly capture every unique aspect of the ones you love the most. 


Extended Family 

An additional charge of $150 per additional family unit not in the immediate family. $50pp for individuals not in a family unit.
This includes individual photos of each family group and separate gallery access. 

$150 pu

Family in motion 

3-5 min film of your fun family moments set to licensed music 


NB* Prices are subject to change without notice. Pricing is for pre-booking only gallery upgrades after your shoot will be dependant on the gallery size. 
Locations more than 1 hour from the CBD will incur a travel fee of $50

Your images should sit pride of place in your home, they detail important moments in your life - they capture the formation of your family, precious moments and emotions that would otherwise be forgotten. I have teamed up with a premier printing company in the industry to offer stunning handcrafted printed products and only they can do your stunning images the justice they deserve. 

Don't let your stunning images sit in a drawer...

a print store within your gallery gives you access to Australia's finest printing services


The Process

step one


An open book - I will answer any questions or you have prior to booking in your family session with me.

step two

PICK A date

When your ready to book hit the BOOK NOW button below and pick the date for your family session.
Here you can pay the $150 deposit to secure your chosen date. 

step three


Take your time to pick the package that works best for you.
You will then be sent your contract for my services along with a get to know you questionnaire so I can best prepare for our session. 

step four


I get to spend a lovely morning/evening together being in the moment with you and the ones you love. We're going to have so much fun and get some stunning captures for you to tresure forever. 

step five


Your family photos have been beautifully curated for you to view and share. Snuggle up together, pop your slideshow on the big screen and enjoy reliving those beautiful moments. 


Think about what you and your family love to do together? The places you feel most relaxed or where you have the most fun.

In the middle of the week when the weather is great and your stuck at work - where would you rather be? 

It could be splashing at the beach, at home, shopping in the city, hiking on a nature trail, swimming at the bottom of a water fall, or wondering through the bush. If we can get there we can shoot there. 

In our session planning we chat about your perfect location and do what we can to make it happen. 

Just be yourself - and prepare. 

There is no right or wrong way to act or be in your session, I want to capture you and your family, authentically and just as you are.
But sometimes that can be tricky or its hard to be truly authentic with a stranger around. I send over a number of emails, before your session. None of them are hard and fast rules just tips and tricks that I have learnt along the way that helps my clients relax and enjoy their session while getting great family photos. 

The best way to get your kids to cooperate is to stop being the parent! Today, it's your turn to hop into their world – leave the chores, rules, and serious stuff at home. 

We're here to capture this time, this age, and stage—those little things you'll treasure forever. Yep, that might mean grumpy faces, shy looks, and even a few tears. But the best part? You don't have to play the 'parent' role. You have to leave your expectations at home.  

Remember those moments at night, feeling a bit guilty, thinking, "I wish I had more energy to play with them today" or "If only I had more time to cuddle." Well, this is your chance.
In my sessions, I just want you and your kids to just be. 
It's all about being there and soaking up every single moment. 

I aim to get your images to you within 4 week. So you get to see them as soon as you can. 
In peak time it may be extended a little  - you will always be updated if there is any delay. 

I'm a mum - I know kids get sick, sometimes they have little accidents. Sometimes it rains or some other strange weather we weren't expecting. And every now and then we mistakenly double book ourselves. 

In most cases we can reschedule, and I try to fit you in as again as soon as I can. 

First step is to fill in the contact form HERE, then I can get all your details. After I'll be in-touch to arrange a date that works best.
Then I will send through a few intake forms - a short questionnaire, your contract to review and sign and an invoice so you can pay your session fee. Once that fee is paid your all set to go.
I'm always more than happy to answer questions via phone, text or email so feel free to let me know if you have any.

I've added a few tips to this guide to get you ready for your up-coming session hopefully they help to make the process as smooth for you as possible. I will also send through a few emails before hand to make sure that everything is organized. They'll cover things like the best location to pick for your session and what to wear. Remember like I said before I'm happy to help.

A few weeks out well finalize the location, if its somewhere new, I'll do a bit of a location scout, find out where the best light is or the prettiest background that sort of thing.
A few days out we will arrange a time and specific spot to meet, don't worry an awful lot if your running late I usually add in a few minutes for that exact reason. I understand life with kids is unpredictable.

On the day of your session I may send you a text to confirm all is okay - if you don't get one don't stress I'll meet you at the agreed time and location.

At your session I'll take sometime to introduce myself to everyone, I'll probably have a chat with the kids so they can get to know me a bit. I'll set up some family games so that they can see this is all supposed to be fun. We will transition from that to some more calm and loving prompts before we start having fun again. I may take the time to get some smaller groups, mum and dad together, mum and each of the kids, dad and each of the kids, then all the kids together if I don't get those shots in the group time.  

You get to go and relax! Take the kids for the promised ice-cream or head off for bath and bed time.

I will take your stunning images home and make sure they are all backed up. Then I will select 3-5 images to edit and send through for your sneak peek. These will be sent to you via text or email.
Its important to remember these are quick edits and may look a little different when I deliver your full gallery. In order to make the gallery cohesive they may get a few extra tweaks when I edit them all together.

If you have opted to share your images keep an eye on social media as I may post more sneak peeks up there.

4-6 weeks after your shoot I'll send through you gallery. This comes to you in email it will contain a link with a passcode for you to access it. Depending on what package you chose your images may be water marked. This allows you to view the full gallery so you can pick your 20 images for download. If you find it too hard to chose I'd be happy to get you the option to purchase more of your gallery.

Once you have made your selection and let me know I will change your gallery so that your images can be downloaded straight to your computer. The images will download without the watermark in Hi-resolution so they can be shared on social media, sent to your family and friends or printed if you chose.

With your gallery there is a option to visit the store, here you will find a number of the amazing frames and prints that are on offer to display your images for everyone to see. They say that displaying images of your children promotes their self confidence. Now thats a great incentive to invest in some stunning printed products.

As a creative we just love to know that we have done a great job.

- Feel free to share your images on social media and please tag me so I can see!

- If you print your images snap a photo and send it through!

- Write up a reveiw and pop it on Facebook or Google or if your not that tech savy send it through to me.

- Most importantly tell your friends and hopefully they will want to book in for their session too.

If you have enjoyed your time with Kendyl Gabrielle Photography and love your stunning images, you can always book in for another session next year too!

what if i need to reschedule

when will i see my images

what if my kids don't cooperate

what do i wear

i don't feel very comfortable in front of a camera 

how do i choose a location

what to expect 

Those FAQ's 

“I have already recommended her to family and friends"

It was such a pleasure having our family photos taken by Kendyl, she listened to exactly what we wanted. She made the session so fun and stress free and the result of the photos was absolutely incredible. So good in fact that I rebooked her to take some lifestyle photos for my business and have already recommended her to family and friends. Thank you so so much! - Samantha

— Sam

“Our experience with Kendyl was simply wonderful."

We recently had the amazing Kendyl come and take some family shots in our home. Needless to say, Our experience with Kendyl was simply wonderful. She is such a natural at her craft and effortlessly captured the most beautiful candid moments of my kids and I. Memories I will cherish forever.

— Carla

"I can't recommend her enough!"

We had a wonderful time with Kendyl recently taking photos of our little family. She put our girls at ease straight away, and they actually had a lot of fun (as did we.) We've just received our photos and to say we are happy with them would be an understatement. She has captured something truly beautiful and personal and we are so very grateful. Can't recommend her enough!

— Melanie


Are you ready to book in?

I'm so honoured your keen to move forward with your family photography.  You can either 


Or send me a few of your details and we will get everything ready to book you in. I can't wait to meet you!


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In the meantime:

Thanks for reaching out! I will be in touch with you shortly!

Thank you!



To Prepare For Your Family Photography Session.


What to wear

This is definitely the most asked question. No need to stress though, as I come prepared! Once your booking is made I will send you a ‘What to wear’ guide for your session. This offers lots of ideas to ensure your family looks great, while still staying authentic.

For now here are a few of my tips:

- Splash out and get your hair and make-up done - not necessarily so that you can look good, but rather so that you can feel good. It will translate on camera.
- Dress mum first. Mum is always the hardest one to dress, so once mum has her outfit put together it's easy to find complimenting colors for the rest of the family.
- Matchy-matchy is a no-no, so try complimenting colors and tones instead.


Prepare the kids

Sunset shoots may be a bit scary if you have little kids because it is situated right around dinner, bath, and bedtime, but here are a couple tips to ease up the nerves:

- Don't worry, I am a professional and had my fair share of hangry toddlers and crazy kids. Plus, if you are worried your kids tend to worry too.
- Make sure everyone has had a reasonable meal beforehand and aim to have a few snacks afterward, instead of holding out for dinner.
- Talk to them about the shoot a few weeks out - and keep reminding them. Tell them where you'll be going, that they will be meeting me, Kendyl and what you'll be doing.
Make it sound fun (because it will be!).
- Try and get a nap in. It may not work due to the excitement, but there is no harm in trying, right?
- If all else fails, bribes mostly work. A special incentive for after the shoot has been known to help. (Oops, did I just reveal parent hack number 1?)


Plan Ahead

No one ever got into trouble for being prepared, so set up an extra bag to fill with a few things that may make your shoot go a little smoother.

- Hair ties. If your shoot is outdoors there is always a chance of wind, so a few hair ties stop all the flyaways.
- Pack a snack. If you're shooting with little ones a cheeky snack helps a lot.
- Change of clothes. If your session is by the ocean, getting in the water is never off limits. Although I usually wait until close to the end of the session before I entice you all to have a bit of a splash, going home wet, cold, and salty is never fun. Plus, it's always handy in case of any spills or mishaps.
- Bring a water bottle. I try to make my family sessions a whole lot of fun, which can leave you and your kids looking for replenishments.
- And yes mum and dad your more than welcome to bring a cold beer or glass of wine, no one said this evening I'snt special for you too. 


Have Fun

This is the most important one.
My photo sessions are designed to capture you and your family just as you are, so that's all I’m looking for.
If that means that someone is having a bit of a bad day, or your hair is not right, that's okay.
We will get the kids giggling by playing games that are fun for them. If that doesn't work we’ll get stuck into the big hugs. Just be present with them and give them as much loving as you can. If you do that, we're sure to get some amazing family moments for you to treasure forever.

Head to my ‘what to expect’ page here for some more tips and tricks.