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I love being a professional photographer I get so much joy meeting new families and capturing them and the people they love. 
I also love being an artist and the ability to mould and shape my work by being creative.

Creative sessions are a unique opportunity for me, as a photographer, to push boundaries, explore new techniques, and delve into artistic essence..
These sessions are not just about capturing moments; they are about creating visual stories, showcasing the pure beauty of my muses and advancing my client offerings. 


This is where you come in 

Since people and connection and love are my chosen subject I'm often looking for muses to help me fulful my creative dreams. Does this sound like it could be you? If so read the "fineprint" then pop in your details to register to be a future mumma muse. 

These sessions will range over Maternity, Birth, Motherhood, Newborn and Family photography and film. 

The fine print...

What might be required of you: 

1. Adventurous Spirit:
Embrace the unexpected! Creative sessions may involve unconventional locations, experimental poses, and unique styles. Be ready to step out of your comfort zone and embark on an artistic adventure that defies convention. That might be walking down to a waterfall or a fun filled urban session.

2. Flexibility and Travel:
Creativity knows no bounds, and neither should you. Some sessions may require travel to different locations, adding an extra layer of excitement to the experience. Embrace the journey and be open to exploring new places in the name of art.

3. Dress and Props:
To achieve the desired artistic vision, certain sessions may involve renting/borrowing/buying an outfit for the session. This could range from the right coloured lingerie or bikini, a pair of jeans to a dress.

4. Maternity and motherhood Sessions and Nudity:
Maternity sessions, in particular, may involve artistic expressions that include nudity. Your comfort and consent are of utmost importance, and any such elements will be discussed and agreed upon beforehand. It's an opportunity to celebrate the beauty of life in its most natural form.

5. Image Usage Agreement:
In exchange for your time and collaboration, I will request a signed contract with the right to use the images for business purposes, such as portfolio showcasing, social media promotion, or publications. This ensures that the art we create together can be shared and appreciated by a broader audience. 

Whats in it for you?
1. To be part of the creative process, I will discuss all my ideas with you and provide a moodboard and images referances where possible. I'll get to know you and aim to create a session that will bring out the beauty in you and your loved ones. 

2. For all your hard work and choosing to be truly vulnerable with me , you will receive 15+ edited images/film from the session. These images are not just photographs; they are the tangible results of our joint artistic endeavour.

3. Finally we can have so much fun, see new places and do new things. 

where do i sign up

If your a good fit I will be in touch with all my ideas - from there we can book in a session date and time. 

I will only contact you if there is a session avaliable that fits.
So please don't rely on this in place of booking in an important session - these would just be a bonus. 

I'll be in touch

Fill in the form below and send me some details about you and the kind of session you would in interested in then we can see if you will be a good fit. 

Fill in the form below 

At the bottom of the page will be a  list of the kinds of session I have in comming up so feel free to check if you would fit in with any of those catagories. 

These will also be detailed in my newsletters - all those on my VIP mailing list will get first preferance. 

check the list and sign up to my vip news letters 

How It Works

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Creative Sessions Available 

  • Maternity + toddler
  • Bells Rapids Maternity or Family
  • Underwater Maternity in a pool
  • Outdoor intimate motherhood session 
  • Raw postpartum session
  • Family Film Session
  • Birth Film Only 
  • Urban family session


I'm so honoured your keen to join me on a creative journey. Send me a few of your details and we will see if were a good fit to make some stunning art. 

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In the meantime:

Thanks for reaching out! I will be in touch with you shortly!

Thank you!


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