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Maternity Photography


We need to capture that beautiful round belly, those little kicks that take your breath away, and the magic of creating a life inside of you. Then there is that glow…yes, you are glowing! Your journey may have been easy, or it may have been hard. Either way, you look amazing in a way that no makeup, outfit, or filter could ever create, because this beauty truly comes from within. 

Let me show you just how beautiful you are, by allowing me to document all the little details that can only be seen for a fleeting moment of your life.

MATERNITY Photography 

raw,  natural,  and   full  of  love..

on sale!

ONLY $395

• 60 - 90 minute lifestyle photography session
• At a location of your choice - or in-home
• All professionally edited images delivered to you via your own personalised gallery, with the option to purchase more.

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This pricing is for solo sessions only for sessions including couples and older siblings see HERE for session pricing

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to book a maternity session?

I would suggest aiming to have your maternity session towards the end of the second trimester between 28 and 34 weeks. At this time you have a gorgeous belly to show off but you also still feel energised and comfortable in your body. After 36 weeks you can take the time to rest and relax before baby arrives. 

Where do you photograph you maternity shoots?

I personally love an outdoor session for maternity photos, a gorgeous belly soaked in the golden glow of sunset is one of my all time favourite things. However maternity sessions can be just as stunning in-home where you can relax in the space that you feel most comfortable. 

What should I wear to my pregnancy session? 

What you wear has quite an impact on your maternity photos so many people feel the pressure in this area. Don't stress though this should be a fun relaxing experiance  as such, when you book in you receive a great guide to help you in this area. We go through colours and textures as well as tips on where to start planning your wardrobe and most importantly what not to wear. I'm always here to help too and have actually been known to nip to the shops to grab an outfit or accessory for my clients. I also have a very small client wardrobe as well as a great discount code from Mama Rentals so feel free to ask me about it. Feel free to check out my what to wear guide.

How long does a photoshoot last?

Maternity sessions can be anything up to 90 mins. To some that may feel like a long time of standing, posing and saying cheese. Because I am a lifestyle photographer there is actually very little of that happening. I will offer you prompts and tips on how to stand and really honour your gorgeous body in this amazing time of change. We talk about your hopes and dreams for your future family and take some time to connect internally with bub. Through all of this most clients leave after their session feeling more connected and excited than they were before. You wont even realise that I got you into some stunning poses at the same time. 

Do you offer underwater maternity shoots? 

I most certainly do. You can have an underwater session as a separate shoot or this can be added to your standard session - see here for more details and pricing. 

Can my partner/family be involved in the session? 

I specialise in solo maternity sessions, giving you a moment to truly feel where you are in your journey and celebrate yourself is my lifes purpose. I want you to feel truly honoured. If you would love a couples session I am more than happy to include your partner to create a love filled intimate maternity shoot. If your wanting older siblings involved that is absolutely fine we just book that under a family session, its a slightly longer shoot time and I ensure you get the tips and tricks I offer for having little ones at your shoot. 

I'd love my partner to be involved but hes not sure how he will go and feels awkward?

Yes partners can be a bit like that. I offer all partners a special guide to help them along with these concerns its full of tips and tricks on how to create meaningful connections, what they can do to make themselves and you feels more comfortable and how the session will flow. I also suggest that you come to the session (depending on the time) with a few drinks and snacks and just relax and enjoy the view. 



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