to   cherish   each  memory.

Holding a space for you and your 

loved ones

raw,  natural,  and  authentic

This ensures that everyone is comfortable - the shy ones, funny ones, and grumpy ones. We can take it as slow and relaxed as needed or as excited and silly as we want to.

Lifestyle family Photography 

As parents we are often told to be in the moment and to enjoy it while it lasts, because our babies grow up too fast. Every now and then we stop and look around, only to realize that everyone was right - they really do grow up so fast and it sometimes feels like we missed it all.

I'm so grateful for all the images of my girls, as they hold so much. I can see their personalities shining through, small details unique to them, and an uninterrupted view back into the kid or baby they used to be. All those little memories that I may have otherwise forgotten, come flooding back. Now, I'm not saying I can turn back time - Oh how I wish I could! What I am saying is that documenting these days is as close as we're going to get. I'm pretty sure that you also feel like we just need to freeze time.

My family photo sessions are just a few hours, where we capture all that uniqueness of your family. The fun, adventurous, cuddly, silliness that is your family - just as they are now. These photo shoots can be done in the comfort of your own home, or alternatively we can head outdoors to capture your family in a gorgeous golden glow. My sessions are up to 90 minutes long and we have so much fun. 

Fleeting Moments

Family lifestyle photography in Perth and surrounds. 


Based in Perth - South of the river. I will very happily travel to your location throughout WA!

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• 60-minute lifestyle photography session.
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• Assistance with wardrobe and styling.
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When is the best time to book a family session?

Frequently Asked Questions

Family sessions are usually fun and adventurous so outdoor family photos are preferable.  To get the stunning golden light aim for a sunrise or sunset sessions to capture you in that amazing golden light. Some families want to be captured in their own homes, capturing special memories in a special place.  If your after a cosy in-home session then we'll aim to shoot in the middle of the day between 10am and 2pm.

Where do you photograph families?

I personally love an outdoor session for family pictures. Kids love to be outside and also give us so much more space to be adventurous, play games and give them the space to let their personalities shine.
There is always the option of an in-home family session it does takes the pressure off getting dressed up and getting out of the house at a specific time and also allows us to go as slow as needed, some kids are just more relaxed and comfortable at home and thats ok. 

What should i wear to my family photography session? 

What you wear has quite an impact on your family photos so many people feel the pressure in this area. Don't stress though when you book in you receive a great guide to help you in this area. We go through colours and textures as well as tips on where to start planning your wardrobe and what not to wear. I'm always here to help too and have actually been known to nip to the shops to grab an outfit or accessory for my clients. I also have a very small client wardrobe if you really get stuck so feel free to ask me about it. Feel free to check out my what to wear guide.

How long does a photoshoot last?

My family sessions can be anything up to 90 mins.  To some that may feel like a long time of standing, posing and saying cheese. Because I am a lifestyle photographer there is actually very little of that happening. I'll get you to play games and just enjoy spending time together the only difference is there is a photographer there documenting it, and offering a tip or two.  

How many people does my session fee cover? 

My packages are for immediate family only which is most often a couple or parents and a few kids. If an extended family group is what you are after I am happy to do that too there will just be an additional charge for each additional person. If this is what you are looking for feel free to reach out and ask for a quote. 

What if my kids are too shy to be photographed? 

I too have a shy little one that most certainly does not like her photo taken. Strangely enough she is also my photogenic child. As I have mentioned before these or not your typical photo sessions. My aim is to get everyone as comfortable as possible no matter how many times I might have to bring out the toilet jokes or singing nursery rhymes and so far I haven't failed. 

my husband is not keen on getting family photos taken he thinks its awkward?

Yes husbands can be a bit like that. I'll have your husband so engaged in the kids and having fun with them he will hopefully not even realise I'm there. And if all else fails ice-cream is a great bribe even for husbands. 

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I chose Kendyl to do my Newborn and Birth Photography after seeing how beautiful my friends photos were. She did an amazing job and was so kind and professional. We loved our photos so much that we booked her for a family session a few years later and will probably get har back again in the future. We just love the images we have as our family has grown. 



- Peter Adams -

“Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field.”

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