As a Perth-based birth photographer and doula, I offer a range of services to support women during their birth journeys. Through my time I have encountered a umber of different care models offered to women in the birth space. One program that stands out in the Perth metropolitan region is the Community Midwife Program (CMP), which has been providing support to low-risk women in a homebirth setting for several years. Under the governance of King Edward Memorial Hospital, the CMP offers evidence-based, continuity of care by known midwives throughout the entire birth journey, from prenatal to postpartum care.

As a birth photographer and doula, the mental and physical health and well-being of my clients is my top priority. I am passionate about helping them emerge from the birth experience feeling empowered, supported, and cared for, with a positive and transformative birth experience.

The CMP midwives offer services throughout Perth and its surrounding suburbs, supporting homebirths from Joondalup to Mandurah and everywhere in between. Hiring a birth photographer is the perfect complement to the flexibility of the CMP program, as it allows clients to have beautiful, emotive images that are unique to their journey within the setting of their own homes. Clients also love the ability to have family, loved ones, and older siblings present at their births, as well as the opportunity to capture the beauty of the first meeting between brothers and sisters.

Working alongside midwives, I aim to capture the true essence of a birth in a calm and secure space, allowing my clients to express themselves fully and resulting in strong, loving, and emotive images. As a birth storyteller based in Perth, I highly recommend the CMP program for anyone seeking a supportive and empowering birthing experience.

To view the services and packages I offer clients that are using the CMP model of care please see my Birth Services page HERE, or reach out and Say Hello. I can't wait to meet you. 

A Perth Birth Photographer and Doula working alongside CMP Midwives.


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