Birth Photography and doula services in a Homebirth Setting in Perth.

Opting for a birth at home with a privately practicing midwife is a decision that is filled with excitement, happiness and a strong desire to have a truly individual experience. I deeply respect and understand the reasons that may motivate a woman to choose a homebirth, and it is a birth choice that I strongly endorse. It is a decision that is driven by a desire for a personalised environment, continuity of care, and autonomy in the birthing space. Homebirth is known to have lower intervention rates, increased satisfaction, reduced rates of birth trauma and an increased opportunity for family bonding.

Homebirth holds a special place in my heart, but I am aware that it can be an expensive choice, as most of the cost is not covered by Medicare or private health insurance. Therefore, I offer a discounted package to moms who would like to consider including a doula and/or birth videographer and photographer as part of their homebirth dream team.

Imagine the profound impact of having a skilled and award-winning Perth birth videographer and photographer present to document the raw and emotional moments of the homebirth you have envisioned and worked so hard to achieve. The moments captured will not only preserve the extraordinary strength and love displayed during childbirth but also create a visual narrative that empowers and resonates with your journey. It's a tangible reminder of the resilience and beauty that emerged from the birthing process.

Homebirth midwives understand the innate need to document this journey, and we work together to ensure that all the special moments that tell your unique birth story are captured.

The continuous support of a doula can add another layer of empowerment to birthing your baby at home. Doulas offer emotional, physical and informational support to the birth mother throughout labor and beyond. They can help create a positive and encouraging atmosphere, offer practical and holistic suggestions on issues such as pain and positioning, as well as mitigate stress and anxiety. When challenges arise, the added support of a doula in a birth setting can be invaluable. Having a doula present can allow your privately practicing midwife to concentrate on medical support and care for the mother and baby.

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