The location dictates your outfit choice from the start, so if you haven't already got a spot in mind, feel free to reach-out for some recommendations. Will it be a casual beach session or will you be dressed up around town? Will it be a fun and relaxed in home or venturing out into the bush? Consider the vibe you are going for first as you select your outfits.

1. Choose the Photo location

It can be hard to know where to begin. Start with one outfit and then you can build upon that. My recommendation is to start with mom, as women’s clothing tends to have more colours and prints. And let’s be honest, we are defiantly the hardest to shop for. 

I love the idea of a flowing maxi dress in your favorite colour. Not only are dresses flattering, but you will feel good in it.

2. start with mom's outfit

Once you have picked on outfit then you seek to find 2-3 coordinating colours. 
I have created a great Pintrest board with some perfect ideas for co-ordinating colours, remember that the colour affects the overall appearance of the photo. Warmer colours are softer and more gentile where hues of blues and greens create a lighter brighter look, bold and bright colours create a sharper appearance. Be mindful of too much white as this can make the images seem more washed out, try a cream or a beige instead. 

3. choose a colour palette

Bright bold colours can be very distracting and draw your eye away from the beauty in the photo. For example in the image below of my cute kids the pink shawl is very distracting from a really lovely image. With a little editing the image can still look great, though we wouldn't want to risk it.  

4. Think Muted Colours

Gone are the days when everyone wears matching white shirts and denim bottoms for family photos.. Choose colours that complement each other but are not overly matchy-matchy. For example, avoid wearing the same colour top as your spouse or putting your girls in the same matching dresses. Its okay to have matching colours so long as they are used in different ways for example: The pink flower on mums dress matches dads, pink shorts and daughters pink bow. Dads blue shirt matches sons blue shorts and the floral on daughters pink skirt. 

5. matchy-matchy is so the 90's

To add depth and interest to your photos. Make it interesting with a few coordinating subtle patterns and textures.  Avoid bold, large prints that can distract from the photo though. You want your family photos to be about you and not merely your outfits. 

Layers and textures are another way to add variety with cardigans, shawls, scarves, linens, lace, they all make your outfits interesting without being in your face. 

6. subtle textures and patterns are a yes

If we don't love our body we tend to want to hide in photos. While flowy shirts and dresses are currently in style, they can hide your shape and be less flattering in photos. Find clothes that are neither overly baggy nor too tight, and think about balance between your upper and lower half. If you have a flowing skirt, chose a fitted top, and with a loose top, choose skinny jeans. It’s all about balance, folks. As a photographer its my job to capture your best side - exactly who you are. 

7. does it all fit and reveal your beauty

In Sydney the weather can change rather quickly and especially through Autumn and Spring as the sun sets the air gets rather chilly. You might have the perfect outfit on, but if you’re freezing or sweating to death, a family photo session will soon be a miserable event. Layering is the perfect solution! Remember, little ones get cold more quickly than adults when temperatures are low, so pack a jumper or sweater for them. 

8. dress for the weather 

Your images need to reprisent you and your family and what you wear is a big part of who you are. So don't feel like you have to fake it to make it, if you are more comfortable in a T and jeans thats totally fine. Feel free to reach out for some guidance to make your individual look work well. 

9. Just be you

Consider coordinating your outfits with your home decor, as chances are you want to pop your pictures up on the wall. If you have a light bright house dark images may look a little out of place. 

10. Think about the end result

I remember as a kid being dressed up for a family photoshoot, the dress was one of those scratchy wool knit blend and I was on the verge of tears the whole time. Safe to say the images didn't turn out great. Involve your children in planning and choosing outfits. They will be much more excited about family photos if they like what they’re wearing. This doesn’t mean that you should let your daughter wear her favorite princess dress. Instead, incorporate their favorite colour. Please don’t make them wear something they hate. For younger kids its always helpful for them to have an option to choose from.

11. include the kids 

Try on your clothes well in advance so you can switch it up if something isn’t working. Look at your outfit from different angles and move around to make sure it works for lifestyle photos. There’s nothing worse than a gorgeous strapless dress that falls down every time you cuddle and tickle your kids. 

12. don't leave it too late

I am here to help so feel free to text me pictures, ask if i have seen anything great recently - trust me I am always looking. I do also have a very small client closet detailed below that all my clients are welcome to use. Its not much and a work in progress but its certainly available for you. 

13. reach out

Primrose Maxi Size 8
Fits 8 - 12

A classic, timeless and elegant floral, Primrose will have you sorted for day or night. 

Elbow length sleeves with an elastic cuff will take you easily into a balmy evening paired with your favourite nude heels.

The waistline has two rows of elastic with a show-stopper cut out back detail with tie closure. It is designed so you can still wear a bra comfortably without compromising the cutout. 
Dress is maxi length with multiple tiers to the skirt making it an easy fit. 
Dress is not lined but also not sheer, made of 100% Rayon.

The Melody Maxi Dress is the definition of elegance. It features a plunging V-neckline and dolman style sleeves, making it is the perfect day-to-night dress. The elastic waist creates a flattering, comfortable and feminine silhouette. This dress is lined, so you can were it with ease all Summer long and paired with a stunning cardi for the cooler evenings. The Melody Maxi Dress can be worn in a few different ways and compliments most body types, making it a dream dress for your photo session.

Melody Maxi Size xs/s
Fits 8 - 12

Fabric is 100% texture rayon and has a beautiful weight when on the body. 

Bodice is shirred front and back for ultimate comfort and elastic extends around the sleeve and neckline so this style can we worn on or off the shoulder. 

Orchid Maxi in white & rust. 
 Size xxs/xs
Fits 6-8

Stock Image 

Stock Image 

Stock Images 

Stock Image 

Please avoid

Thin stripes and tight plaids distort in images and just don't look great. 

White has the seems to wash out complexions especially when paired with a nice sunny day on a white sand beach. softer whites definitely fair better in these locations. 

Remember that dark colours especially in T-shirts should be avoided, since they appear black in photos. Dark colours can wash out your complexion and create an overly dark feel in the photo, which is great if thats what you are going for or a wintery feel but most my clients seem to be after a light sunny feel. Overly saturated colours can distract from the photo, so look instead for muted versions. For example, if you have a bright yellow dress, think about a mustard or gold dress instead.
Dark blues and deep greens can throw a colour cast (reflects off the skin and give it a bluish and greenish tone) These colours are fine on the bottom but are best avoided close to your face. Go for sage or powder blues instead. 

Logos or text on clothing is distracting. Avoid shirts that have logos even on the kids and babies.

Frilly sleeves seem to be a trend for little girls and although they are super cute the can become a bit problematic. Big frills can get in the way of a beautiful face and even cut off the neck in images so opt for a more subtle version. 

An adorably cute moment with your baby can be ruined by the green-lined diaper that is hanging out of a little romper or dress. Opt for some little bloomers to go over that nappy, they can often be purchased from K-mart.