Choosing what to wear for your lifestyle session can be the biggest concern when preparing for your shoot.

What to Wear

Let me make that a bit easier for you

Be authentically you. If you're a casual family - Be casual. If you love to dress up do. If your daughter can't stand wearing dresses don't. Be casual if thats you. Wear your swimmers if your a family that loves the beach.  These are YOUR family photos, they need to represent you!


Think of the location. The location dictates your outfit choice from the start, so if you haven't already got a spot in mind, feel free to reach-out for some recommendations. Will it be a casual beach session or will you be dressed up around town? Consider the vibe you are going for first as you select your outfits.


Start with one outfit and then you can build upon that. My recommendation is to start with mom, as women’s clothing tends to have more colours and prints. And let’s be honest, we are defiantly the hardest to shop for. 


Have everyone matching. Remember the old family photos where we were all wearing denim and white shirts?


Avoid bold, large prints that can distract from the photo. You want your family photos to be about you and not merely your outfits. 


Dress for the 

Mums most
important . Right!

Instead,                  look for colours with a similar intensity that compliment each other.
Here are some colours I love right now!

To add depth and interest to your photos. Make it interesting with a few coordinating subtle patterns and textures. 
Think Knitts, Linen, Lace, Denim and Cordroy.







Mix and

Wear clothes that don't fit you.
If we don't love our body we tend to want to hide in photos.  Find clothes that are neither overly baggy nor too tight, and think about balance between your upper and lower half. If you have a flowing skirt, chose a fitted top, and with a loose top, choose skinny jeans. It’s all about balance, folks. As a photographer its my job to capture your best side - exactly who you are. 


Dress for the weather. The weather can change rather quickly and especially on the shoulder seasons as the sun sets the air gets rather chilly. You might have the perfect outfit on, but if you’re freezing or hot, a family photo session will soon be a miserable event. Layering is the perfect solution! Remember, little ones get cold more quickly than adults when temperatures are low, so pack a jumper or sweater for them. 


Wear dark eye makeup or get that spray tan. Looking at you ladies!! Keep your makeup simple, we want to see YOU. If you love the long fake eyelashes and a strong fake tan that you wear every day then that's ok as it represents who you are But if you are doing it just for the pictures keep this in mind -  too much dark around the eyes can make them disappear altogether and a fake tan can look quite orange when combined with a warmer edit. 


 - Bold logos or words on t-shirts. 
 - Wear black - it can be hard to edit and drowns out 
    everything around it. Opt for greys or browns instead. 
 - Wear fine stripes or checks, they do the strangest things to cameras. 
 - Bring your watches or sunnies with you to the shoot. 


REACH OUT I am here to help so feel free to text me pictures, ask if i have seen anything great recently - trust me I am always looking. Plus I have some great recommendations on where to shop below. 


Snuggly winter outfits, my fav!

Just be you!






Don't know where to shop for outfits- Let me show you. 

Where to shop

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3.  Robed

4.  legoe heritage

For the ladies

For the gents

For the kids

Maternity and motherhood

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